Non-destructive testing equipment

Reliability and service life of rolling stock are largely dependent on the state of wheel pairs of cars, in particular, axles. Non-destructive testing of axles shall be carried out at all stages of production and during service in order to identify timely defects and damage. High accuracy is provided by the system of automatic control of wheel pairs, developed by Sonotron NDT, based on portable ultrasonic flaw detectors on the basis of phased arrays ISONIC - the world’s first devices, that allow to see the image of a actual cross-section of an object at each point of the inverter installation, scan the object along a given line in accordance with its form and obtain a multi-plane image immediately, transform results of testing of the whole object or selected parts into a three-dimensional image and automatically generate a customized list of defects.

The range of devices ISONIC presents an universal portable ultrasonic flaw detector and thickness gauge utPod. The device weighs only 400 grams and can be used for any kind of ultrasonic non-destructive testing. The device can be hold and the object can be scanned with one hand, which provides an advantage when working in tight spaces.

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