Welding equipment

We are the largest distributor of Lincoln Electric - the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment and materials for electric arc welding, plasma cutting systems and robot systems for all industries - in the CIS. The company has developed and manufactures a wide range of equipment and materials for welding of both general-purpose shipbuilding steels and shipbuilding steels for individual industry fields:

  • chemical tankers;
  • cases of steering posts;
  • underwater shipbuilding;
  • tankers for transportation of liquefied natural gas;
  • ships, made of AMG-alloys;
  • ceramic supports;
  • materials for shipbuilding structures, operating at low temperatures.

Non-destructive testing equipment

One of the most important production processes in the field of shipbuilding is welding. Quality control of welded joints allows to reduce cost of repair and to increase service life, due to timely detection and elimination of defects.

Different methods of non-destructive testing can detect cracks, porosity, lack of fusion, displacement, impurities and other defects, affecting performance of welded joints. As exclusive distributors of such world’s leading manufacturers as JME, ICM, Buckleys, Sonotron, etc., we offer the largest selection of NDT equipment in the Russian Federation. We offer the most effective equipment on the NDT market through the use of practical experience and cooperation with customers.

Shipping is associated with increased risk, so you need regular and timely check of ships’ status, their technical and operational performances for compliance. In the course of such monitoring NDT testing of the state of machinery parts and assemblies plays an important role at all stages of manufacturing and service. Nowadays, about 80% of equipment account for ultrasonic testing as one of the most reliable ways of defects detection in comparison with other non-destructive testing methods, applied in the shipbuilding industry. Ultrasonic flaw detectors on the basis of phased arrays of ISONIC series, manufactured by the company Sonotron NDT, are more credible among experts.

Particularly close attention shall be paid to turbine elements because they take the greatest load, and therefore they are the most vulnerable to damage and loss of performance. The best results of ultrasonic testing can be achieved with flaw detectors ISONIC 2009 and ISONIC 2010. They can be used to carry out manual and motorized control of virtually all products, they both also support work with phased arrays, it ensures the highest possible accuracy of results.

A universal portable flaw detector ISONIC utPod is perfect for comprehensive monitoring of turbines. This tiny 400-gram device can be used as a thickness gauge and corrosion measurement equipment in addition to its basic functions. The device ensures one-hand control and it is a distinct advantage when working in tight and hard-to-get spaces.

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