One of the most important tasks of our work - procurement of the customer facility. Over 30 years we have been a leading supplier of equipment and materials for construction of oil and gas pipelines. We offer a wide range of products which ensures complete satisfaction of customer needs:

  • whole spectrum of welding equipment and materials;
  • automated welding complexes;
  • construction and earthmoving equipment;
  • insulating materials;
  • horizontal drilling equipment;
  • portable systems for cutting and machining of pipe ends.

Welding equipment

Reliability of oil and gas industry facilities depends on quality and mechanical properties of welded joints. To ensure quality and mechanical properties, we offer the most relevant solutions from leading manufacturers (CRC-Evans, Lincoln Electric, Kemppi, etc.) and our own developments. Examples of equipment, used at facilities of OJSC Gazprom, OJSC AK Transneft, OJSC Lukoil, etc.:

  • automatic welding complex CRC-Evans, with the help of which a world record for pipeline joints welding speed was set on July 29, 2010 - 301 pipe joints 067 × 14 were made within 18 hours;
  • welding machine Denyo DCW-480ESW, allowing manual arc, semi-automatic and automatic welding, using two welding stations from one machine at currents up to 250A simultaneously with the entire weight of 500 kg;
  • induction heating diesel generator Argoheat 130 kW, manufactured at the Factory of pipeline equipment, allowing pre-heating of joints for welding and insulation within 5 minutes (for pipes 420 × 21.6);
  • self-shielded flux-cored wire Innershield provides high performance and ease of use without shielding gas cylinders, applied in the construction of many oil and gas facilities;
  • Ogden welding equipment for manufacture of tanks, allowing sheet-by-sheet assembly by automatic welding methods with high performance.

Non-destructive testing equipment

TransKapitalStroy - Russia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of advanced non-destructive testing means. We confidently hold the leadership in such NDT areas of the market as:

  • complex supply of equipment and materials for non-destructive testing;
  • solving of non-standard tasks in the field of non-destructive testing;
  • servicing of tools and equipment.

We have everything for early detection of defects and signs of destruction of metal piping, casings of tanks, heat exchangers, flanges, pins, etc. We have a full base of equipment for all types of non-destructive testing.

Among the main methods of NDT, applied in the oil and gas industry - radiographic, eddy current and ultrasonic testing. Radiographic testing can detect internal and external defects, identify internal parts in an assembly, etc. We offer a wide range of industrial equipment and control methods: from film to digital radiography, from analytical to measurement control, from X-ray generators to research facilities, including three-dimensional computed tomography. We are committed to cooperate closely with customers and carry out joint search for solutions in order to ensure optimal efficiency, speed and control effectiveness.

The basis of eddy current application is related to a principle of electromagnetic induction. A sensor with a single coil generates a magnetic field which excites eddy currents in the material, allowing identification of surface and subsurface defects. We offer a full range of instruments, test equipment and sensors for industrial applications.

In recent years, the most commonly used method in the oil and gas industry is ultrasonic testing because it provides highly accurate detection of defects in metal - both surface and interior. Ultrasonic testing uses single or dual element transducers in order to generate high-frequency directed sound waves, allowing to measure thickness and detect internal defects of different materials - metals, plastics, ceramics and composites. A special type of ultrasonic testing is ultrasonic testing with phased arrays. This technology involves the use of multi-element phased array transducers and powerful software in order to transfer high-frequency sound pulses to a test sample and register reflected echo signals, producing a detailed graphic image of internal structures. Ultrasonic flaw detectors ISONIC, manufactured by Sonotron NDT, have proven the own effectiveness in practice.

Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection requires special attention in the process of pipelines construction. Being an official distributor of such world producers of insulation materials as Canusa, Stopaq, Raychem, Covalence, we offer a full range of solutions for all types of corrosion protection of steel structures:

  • heat shrinkable sleeve brands, manufactured by Canusa, Raychem and Covalence;
  • liquid anti-corrosion epoxy coating HBE, produced by Canusa;
  • composite solutions on the basis of Clock Spring materials (fibreglass sleeves + chemicals - fillers, adhesive glue);
  • anticorrosion system, based on Stopaq material (anticorrosion layer and layer of mechanical protection - PE, PVC, PU tapes, PE or PP heat-shrink sleeves, based on urea resin, epoxy, etc.);
  • sealing paste Stopaq, used to eliminate pressure leaks in confined spaces.

Environmental protection

The company pays special attention to protection of the environment during oil production, transportation and refining. Despite all measures on prevention of emergency situations at transportation of oil and petroleum products, the problem of emergency spills still remains relevant. Localization and elimination of spills is a complex set of activities, involving the use of special technical means. We deliver equipment for:

  • extraction of oil waste from storage and processing facilities;
  • removal of spills from the ground and water surface;
  • cleaning of tanks and storage tanks from oil and petroleum products.

Our solutions allows to work on collection of waste from land, water and wetlands. All equipment is intended not only for containment and disposal of toxic chemicals, but also allows extraction and recovery of substances for recycling of products.

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