We pay specific attention to import substitution. Our company performs a complete cycle of works on production of generators and induction heating conductors, welding tents of all types, modular laboratories, modular homes, shops and metal structures of any complexity. Our R&D centre is responsible for the development and implementation of innovative solutions and technologies for oil and gas industry.

Together with our partners, we are conducting a project of development and implementation of a high-performance outdoor welding machine M-400 East; it is a new generation of equipment, fully digital, with a welding seam tracking.

Our specialists together with colleagues from the Israeli company Sonotron NDT have developed Argovision system of automatic ultrasonic testing. Its main advantages are high performance (full scan cycle of a welded joint moving from joint to joint is approximately 7-8 minutes with an issue of preliminary report), reducing the impact of a human factors on the process of diagnostic of high-accuracy detection of defects, as well as increased reliability and convenience for the operator through installation of an analogue signal processing unit on the scanner.

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