Non-destructive testing equipment

Manufactured product reliability and maximum service life are the primary tasks of the engineering industry. This can be achieved by non-destructive quality control methods.

At all production stages, we widely use instrumental visual inspection that allows both external inspection as well as testing of hardly accessible and hidden cavities (through the endoscopic methods). A thin and flexible optical probe is inserted through a small hole and allows the operator to see the inner cavity of the component under testing. The equipment for visual control that we offer includes visual inspection borescopes, endoscopes and fiberscopes by Olympus – the world's leading manufacturer of optical devices.

Experts of non-destructive testing highly value the reliability and functionality of the ISONIC ultrasonic flaw detectors made by Sonotron NDT. The operation principle of the devices of this series is based on the use of ultrasonic waves that are reflected from inhomogeneities inside the object, and then recorded and stored in memory. When conducting ultrasonic NDT at machine building enterprises, detectors ISONIC 2009 and 2010 ISONIC were among the most recommended ones. Both detectors support work with phased array for maximum accuracy of the results. Both flaw detectors allow manual and mechanic monitoring almost of all products.

We want to mention a universal portable device ISONIC utPod which is a combination of the flaw detector, thickness gauge and corrosion gauge in a 400 g casing. The miniature size of the device allows conducting monitoring with one hand, and this ensures more convenient and safer operation in confined spaces. Other benefits of ISONIC utPod are:

  • 2 Gb of built-in memory;
  • manageable through USB-port;
  • easy to understand interface;
  • convenient sensor display;
  • possibility to fix the unit in any position on the scanned object in order to ensure convenience in confined spaces.
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