Technology we implemented

1993 year
Self-shielded wire welding technology
Rolled X-Ray films
Automatic X-Ray film development systems
1994 year
Automatic welding systems for pipeline field joints
Automatic pipeline recoating systems
1995 year
DC and Invertec welding power sources
Clock Spring pipeline reinforcement sleeves
1997 year
STT welding technology
1999 year
M-300 automatic welding system with flux-cored gas shielded wire
2003 year
Medium and high frequency induction heating generators
2004 year
Automatic ultrasonic testing for pipe joints
Pipe induction heating for weld pre-heat, inter-pass heating, and field joint coating
2005 year
Power Wave 1000 AC/DC automatic sub-arc welding systems
2007 year
Pipe double-jointing facility combining advantages of STT and PowerWave welding technology advantages
2010 year
Thick wall pressure vessels automatic sub-arc welding systems
2011 year
In house manufacturing of Argoheat induction heating systems of improved design
2012 year
P-700 and M-400 high-productive automatic pipe welding systems
2014 year
ТКС-D7М Rolled X-Ray Film

Among its notable accomplishments, the group designed and developed the Argovision AUT system for NDT of pipeline field welded joints in cooperation with specialists from Sono­tron NDT of Israel. The system pro­vides high accuracy and productivity NDT, as well as full compliance with such major inter­national standards as API 1104, DNV-OS-F101, ASTM 1961. The system is registered with Rus­sian State Registry of Measuring Systems, as well as approved and listed in the Gazprom Registry of Welding Equipment, Welding Ac­cessories, NDT and Diagnostics Equipment and Consumables.

Company highlights

A highly qualified workforce of over 2000 employees
More than 1400 units of construction machinery and equipment
Working experience in 15 countries all over the world
More than 100 completed projects
Annual turnover of more than US$180 million